Possible Dreams Celtic Irish Santas

It’s the luck of the Irish that you found the Possible Dreams Celtic products. They are truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Possible Dreams Santas are handcrafted collectibles with meticulous detailing. The Clothtique fabrics bring a unique realism to each design.

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Leprechaun Loot Item Sku: 4057025

Leprechaun Loot

Santa says, “Always follow the rainbow to find your pot of gold!” His pot is filled with gold glittered coins. Introduced 2017.



A Celtic Gentleman Item Sku: 4057023

A Celtic Gentleman

This Irish gentleman tips his hat to being Irish! His coat is satin and trimmed in gold. Even his pipe is gold since he’s a lucky old elf! Introduced 2017.



Plaid Tidings Item Sku: 4052112

Plaid Tidings

If we had to pick our favorite part of this Scottish Santa it would be tough. We love the thistle embellishment and the plaid tartan coat. But if we had to pick…we would go with the lit lantern. Lighted lantern; uses cell battery, included. Introduced 2016.
5.5” x 5.5” x 10”H



End Of the Rainbow Item Sku: 4038629

End Of the Rainbow

Shelf sitter. Follow the rainbow and at the end you will find…Santa. If you are lucky he might share the pot of gold he found. Introduced 2014.
9” H



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