How-To: Turn A Winter Swan Pond Into A Spring Scene.

1. Preparation
Start with a NEW Swan Pond #809009 and remove all packaging.

Materials to Purchase
  • Yellow, blue, white, red, dark green, medium green, and grass green acrylic paint found at art supply or craft stores.
  • Small acrylic paint brushes. Use an acrylic brush to ensure a smooth application.
  • Masking or painters tape to protect the blue pond from green paint.
  • Plain (without snow) trees. We recommend #56.52892 or #56.52885.

2. Tree Removal

- Remove all sisal trees and bare branch trees from the base. The trees should simply pull out.

- Remove magnetic swans from the pond. Store these pieces for later use.

- Tape off the blue pond so that it is protected from the green acrylic paint application.

3. Painting.

- Begin to paint the pond base green.

- Completely paint the base green including the inside lip of the base.

- Let the paint dry completely. Read the paint label for appropriate drying time.

4. Detailing the green with flowers.

- Begin with the dark and medium greens and start to dot in a base of color in patches.

- Start with a dark green and layer on top the medium green. Work your way around the base creating various sized patches of color.

5. Close Up Detail.

- Let each layer dry before applying another color.

- If you do not let each color dry, the colors will bleed together.

6. Add More Color.

- Continue to layer more color in to create a field of wildflowers.

- Allow time for the paint to dry.

7. Add Trees.

- We added plain, (without snow) trees. You will need to remove the bases to slide the trees into the holes in the base.

- Do not add the bare branch tree since it is now springtime!

- Complete your scene by adding the swans.