Department 56 Village Decorating

Suggestions for Village Decorating

Decorating with Village buildings brings a special touch to your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Start with one to three Village buildings that coordinate with your decorating theme or occasion.
  • Add Department 56 Village accessories. Did you know that many buildings have accessories designed to coordinate with them?
  • Mix in a selection of trees, snow, moss and acrylic ice to bring your displays to life.
  • Add dimension with special backdrops, snowy platforms and mountains.

A. Mix in seasonal decor.
Add pine boughs and ornament balls during the holidays, pastel eggs or fresh flowers in spring, and colorful leaves in the fall.

B. Play with lighting.
Add tiny light strings or reflective surfaces, like mirrors, for stunning effects.

C. Have fun!
When it comes to decorating with your Village, use your imagination to reflect your personal style. There are no rules!