Department 56 Alpine Village Series

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The intricately detailed lighted buildings and accessories of this series are as unique and diverse as the towns and hamlets in the Alpine and Bavarian regions they represent. A combination of craftsmanship and imagination comes together to create this classic array of hand-painted buildings and accessories filled with nostalgia and charm.

Alpine Village Gate New for 2018
Item Sku: 6000568

Alpine Village Gate

Specially priced gate features 2 lit lanterns at the entrance. Door replicates an iron gate designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes both residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as Alpine Village. Village Figures. Introduced 2018
2.25 in H



Rhineland Glockenspiel New for 2018
Item Sku: 6000564

Rhineland Glockenspiel

Many glockenspiels in Germany date back a century or more and have become huge attractions for visitors. True to traditional glockenspiels, the rotating figures on this building depict medieval characters. Hand-numbered, limited edition of 2,018. Lighted Buildings. Coordinates with 6000566. Introduced 2018
10 in H



The Burgermeister New for 2018
Item Sku: 6000566

The Burgermeister

Burgermeister is German for Mayor. This city leader can set his watch to the trusty Glockenspiel, the beautiful highlight of his hometown. Village Figures. Coordinates with 6000566. Introduced 2018
2.5 in H



Family Outing New for 2018
Item Sku: 6000567

Family Outing

Family of three, plus a dolly, stroll the Village on their way home from service. Village Figures. Coordinates with 6000565. Introduced 2018
2.75 in H



Christmas Market Gold Foil Angel Booth New for 2018
Item Sku: 6002289

Christmas Market Gold Foil Angel Booth

Set of 2, This is the 11th in a series of the Christmas Market Booths and it honoring a European tradition of topping the tree with gold foil angels. Several versions line the shelves, offering shoppers a wide selection to begin their own angel custom. Requires 2 C Batteries Not Included. Introduced 2018
5.51 in H x 3.07 in W x 3.62 in L



Bavarian Cottage Item Sku: 4056618

Bavarian Cottage

What could be more enchanting then spending the holidays at a charming A-frame cottage in the Bavarian Alps? Garlands and bows trim the eaves while window boxes overflow with winter pines, welcoming guests. Snowshoe up and enjoy the warm fieldstone hearth. Coordinates with item #4056620 “Friendly Welcome Home” Introduced 2017. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
6.1” H x 4.13” W x 5.43”L



Friendly Welcome Home Item Sku: 4056620

Friendly Welcome Home

Delightful kitten extends a warm greeting to our shopper returning from the market. Coordinates with item #4056618 “Bavarian Cottage”. Introduced 2017.



The Childrens Nativity Item Sku: 4056622

The Children’s Nativity

The regions of Germany have long been known for acting recounts of well-known Bible stories – for example, the world famous Oberammergau Passion Play. On a much smaller scale, these adorable children recreate the Nativity scene. Introduced 2017.



Christmas Market Bratwurst Booth Item Sku: 4059378

Christmas Market Bratwurst Booth

For many in both Europe and America, shopping at the Christmas Market is as much of a holiday tradition as putting up the tree. Now hungry shoppers can stop for an authentic German treat, Bratwurst. Includes vendor tempting a “Wiener Dog” with a Brat. Tenth in the Christmas Market Series, LED lit, includes battery pack, Requires 2 C batteries not included, works with adapter 555026. Set of Two includes market vendor.
Approx. 5”H



Christmas Market, Black Forest Clocks Item Sku: 4054960

Christmas Market, Black Forest Clocks

Set of 2 includes vendor accessory with man assembling a clock. Black Forest Clocks, carved by hand using wood from the Bavarian region are a German Tradition dating back centuries. Heavy metal weights gently tugged the clockworks for continual movement. Ninth in a Series of Alpine Market booths. LED lit; battery operated; uses 2 “C” batteries, not included. Adapter #55026 compatible. Introduced May 2016.
3.03” x 3.74” x 4.84”H



Alpen Woolen Mill Item Sku: 4050904

Alpen Woolen Mill

Animated – Waterwheel rotates! This animated mill features a turning water wheel which spins over the adjacent brook. Window boxes filled with sculpted greens and berries, along with sculpted garland and bows, add a festive trim. Coordinates with item #4050906 “Shepherding the Flock” Lit with LED lights; adapter included. Introduced 2016.
7.25” x 5.75” x 6.5”H



Shepherding the Flock Item Sku: 4050906

Shepherding the Flock

The shepherd accompanied by his sheep herding dog, is bringing the flock home after a day on the mountainside. Coordinates with item #4050904 “Alpen Woolen Mill” Introduced 2016.
4.75” x 2.25” x 2.75”H



Alpine Ski Lodge Item Sku: 4050903

Alpine Ski Lodge

The D56 artists have meticulously captured the charm of the Alpspitze inns with the details on this darling lodge. Flower boxes, 2nd story balcony, and scalloped details on the window hoods and roof fascia and just part of the iconic elements found. Coordinates with item #4050905 “Love On the Slopes” Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced 2016.
9” x 4.5” x 5”H



Love On the Slopes Item Sku: 4050905

Love On the Slopes

This couple is dressed in traditional Tyrolean costumes out for an afternoon of cross country skiing. Coordinates with item #4050903 “Alpine Ski Lodge” Introduced 2016.
3”x 2.75” x 2.5”H



Christmas Market, The Holiday Smoker Booth Item Sku: 4049188

Christmas Market, The Holiday Smoker Booth

Set of 2. Over sized smoker greets visitors with the “Offnen / Open” sign while the included vendor accessory carefully makes each Smoker ready for the day. LED Lighted. Eighth in a Series. Battery pack included, adapter #55026 compatible. Uses 2 "C" batteries, not included. Introduced May 2015.



Neuschwanstein Castle Item Sku: 4044781

Neuschwanstein Castle

Built in the late 19th century by Ludwig II of Bavaria, this iconic landmark is visited by millions of visitors from all over the world each year. It was the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle and the name translates to "Swanstone Castle". Coordinates with item #4044785 “Plein Air Painter” and item #4049189 “Our Enchanted Kingdom”. Introduced 2015. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
6.5” x 7.25” x 12”



Plein Air Painter Item Sku: 4044785

Plein Air Painter

"Plein Air" is a French expression used to describe painting in the open air. Popularized in the mid- 19th century, painting in the open air became an important when the use of natural light in painting became important. This method, using a box easel was an important part of the art scene and was used by painters such as Monet, Renoir and Pissaro. Our plein air painter with his box easel, is using the natural light to paint the famous Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle which we can see taking shape on his canvas. Coordinates with item #4044781 “Neuschwanstein Castle” Introduced 2015.
3” x 1.75” x 2.5”



Our Enchanted Kingdom Item Sku: 4049189

Our Enchanted Kingdom

Although King Ludwig II never had a princess, little girls love imagining a fairy-tale story of arriving on horseback with their prince. Coordinates with item #4044781 “Neuschwanstein Castle” Introduced May 2015.



Violin Maker Item Sku: 4044782

Violin Maker

The Klotz family is began building stringed instruments in Middenwald, Germany during the 17th century. This was the same time that Statavari became well known in Italy. Born in 1656, Matthias Klotz founded a school for violin making in Middenwald. His son, Sebastian, and grandson, Joseph, both followed the family trade, and teaching others so that Middenwald became well known for finely crafted instruments. Look through the large front and side windows at a detailed sculpted interior scene. The display includes several dimensional stringed instruments including violins, and a cello. Decal art depicts a harp, mandolin, and viola. Outside, holiday greens overflow from the beautiful flower boxes which line the upper story windows and fill the flower pots that welcome guests through the front door. Introduced 2015. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
6” x 5” x 5.75”



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